CF Live
powered by Lucee (Gelert)


CF Live was written by Russ Michaels.

If you do not have access to a ColdFusion or Lucee server but need to test some code, "CF live" provides a quick and easy way to do this, no installation required, just a browser.

What can you do with CF Live

  1. If you normally use ColdFusion but want to quickly test if some code works on Lucee, or vice versa.
  2. If you want to compare performance between ColdFusion and Lucee.
  3. To quickly test code snippets when posting on blogs, lists or forums to make sure your code works
  4. Testing other people's code to find bugs.
  5. You can use most common CFML tags/functions.
  6. Your code is saved in a session for 30 minutes.
  7. Full debug output is enabled, but you can hide it.
  8. Works on all popular mobile devices:- Android, IPhone, IPad, Nexus 7 etc

What you can't do

Obviously allowing anyone to freely execute any code via a form is risky and for this reason certain security measures need to be taken and certain functionality has to be disabled. IF you want to be able to use ALL tags and functions then why not sign-up for free developer hosting at or simply download the developer edition of ColdFusion or Lucee.

Here is a full list of tags/fucntions which are disabled.

Future Plans

If you have any suggestions, bug reports, feedback then us ethe FEEDBACK over on the left.

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